In the winter of 1905 the town of McKinley suffered a disastrous fire.  The nearest sources of fire protection were Jenkintown, Abington, and newly organized fire companies in Elkins Park and Weldon. It became apparent to the people of the town that they needed their own fire company.  After much discussion, 22 men of McKinley met and decided to form what is now the McKinley Fire Company.  In June of 1906 the formal organization and admission of members was completed with 18 members.

A building committee was appointed on November 9, 1907. This committee selected two lots on Ogontz Avenue (now Cadwalader) for the site of the new building. The price of the lots was $500, and the building was completed for $1343.  The first meeting was held on February 27, 1908.

In 1907 a contract was signed with the Combination Ladder Co. of Providence, R.I., for a hand or horse drawn wagon for $707, and in March of 1908 it was formally housed in the newly completed fire house. Fifteen fire companies and 750 men took part in the parade and housing ceremonies.  The new wagon rolled to its first fire on April 21, 1908.

In January 1911, 350 feet of hose was received from Abington township under the township fire department. In August of 1913, the first appropriation of $300 was received from the township commissioners for fire purposes. In 1914 the first motorized apparatus was received.

In March of 1916 a committee was appointed to draft plans for a new fire house, and the building was completed in 1918 for $3,642 on Cadwalader Avenue. In 1950, because of new and larger apparatus, it was decided that a new building would be required. It was built at the corner of Cadwalader and Jenkintown Rd. and was dedicated in 1954.  In the early 70’s with the advent of high rise buildings containing offices and apartments, and the continued growth of private homes and large apartment complexes, there would need to be larger quarters in order to protect lives and property.  They moved to their current location in 1973

During 2005 many improvements, both inside and outside the building took place, and that work continues today.  Currently, McKinley Fire Company is in good order:  the physical plant is in excellent condition and is well maintained, there is an ambitious training program for new fire fighters, apparatus is in excellent condition, and records are well kept.  The fire fighters are hardworking and dedicated, and the administration is devoted to maintaining a first class fire company.

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